Moonstone Mechanical is dedicated to supporting its customers with a complete range of services tailored to meet their needs.
Customers expect the best from Moonstone Mechanical and we are committed to delivering nothing less.


The dedicated staff of Moonstone are ready to assist you with Industrial or Construction Millwrighting.  Moonstone prides itself on the high quality of Millwrights that we employ.  Moonstone develops its own people in house.  Our apprenticeship program has proven extremely effective with all graduates to date exceeding industry standard testing and making the College Deans list consistently.

Whether you are installing a single new machine or moving an entire facility you can rely on the expertise of Moonstone Mechanical. Our experienced installation and extraction crews take pride in their reputation for getting the job done right and on time.


Whether you are installing a single new machine or moving an entire facility you can rely on the expertise of Moonstone Mechanical. Our experienced installation and extraction crews take pride in their reputation for getting the job done right and on time.


With numerous large scale process welding installations, reworks and repairs, Moonstone Mechanical is your number one source for all of your process welding requirements.  A full time certified welding and fitting staff ensures your projects will be completed exceeding industry standards, on time.

Moonstone Mechanical Stocks a large supply of sanitary parts including tubing, fittings and valves.  Call today with your requirements.


Attention to detail is what sets Moonstone Mechanical rebuilding apart from the competition. Our fully equipped machine shop manned by qualified full time staff will restore your machinery to its peak operating efficiency maximizing your productivity and profit.  Call for a comprehensive quote to have your equipment assessed for an MMI rebuild.

Rebuilding service is available onsite or in shop.  Call an MMI representative to discuss your most favourable avenue.


In the high speed packaging industry, where down time and costs are often measured in minutes and seconds, it is important to know your service team will be there when needed. Moonstone Mechanical is dedicated to providing its customers with expert service wherever and whenever they need it.


With the advancements in technology and mass production, it’s a shame to think there are still cleaning methods that hurt not help the environment, adding thousands of tons of toxic secondary waste to our landfills each year.

While traditional industrial cleaning methods result in the disposal and removal of “secondary waste” such as solvents, sand or other cleaning agent, dry ice blasting does not produce any secondary waste.

Dry Ice Blasting eliminates the “secondary waste” by simply disappearing, eliminating the costs or concerns of more traditional methods.

Dry Ice Blasting has been approved by the EPA, FDA and the USDA.

Call Moonstone today to discuss your immediate cleaning needs.


We offer expert services programming Industrial Robots, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Human Machine Interface (HMI), and Supervisory Control and Data Acquistion (SCADA) systems. We have the skills required to make your projects successful. Our well trainedstaff includes electrical designers, PLC and robot programmers, electrical panel builders, and licensed electricians. We can offer a full-range of control solutions from simple sensor retrofits, to complete turn-key electrical control systems.


MMI has evolved into an industry leader by providing customers with reliable, experience-based electrical services. We perform the installation of new industrial electrical components, as well as relocation, modification and upgrades at existing facilities. Our 24hr emergency service calls can provide complete ongoing electrical maintenance under contract if required.  Downtime response is one of our greatest abilities.


With numerous high speed packaging line design projects completed, Moonstone Mechanical Inc has the experience and know how, to assist you from concept to completion for all of your design needs.  In house CAD capability and our attention to detail, sets Moonstone apart from all others in the design field.


When Downtime is not an option, Moonstone Mechanical is your source for a Preventative Maint program suited to your requirements.  From individual lines to a complete factory, Moonstone has the skilled man power to ensure your production runs effieciently every day.


Staffed Full Time, the machine shop at Moonstone Mechanical has the ability to build, duplicate or repair on demand.  With our 24hr emergency service program, we can insure quick turn around times for your part repairs.


Moonstone Mechanical houses state of the art welding and fabrication equipment from our CNC Brake Presses and Plasma Tables to our latest technology welding systems. Our skilled, full time fabricators and welders are experienced and certified in Mild Steel, Stainless and Aluminum. Call today to see how Moonstone Mechanical will be your number one source for Fabrication.


From consulting, to planning, to final installation – our specialists are available to assist you. Besides high-quality and reliable products, we offer a comprehensive package of services including turn key installation. Customers benefit from our extensive knowledge in GF Cool Fit Installs. Call today to discuss your project with one of our representatives.

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